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Its a race around the supermarket to find and collect your favorite Mini Brands! Strategically move your Mini Brands mover around the board, drawing Brand cards, playing Action cards, and following the commands of each space you land on. Plan your next move using the cards in your hand and the spaces on the board to gain the upper hand. But watch out you never know when your opponent will spoil your plans! Be the first player to collect 3 sets of 3 matching Mini Brands cards, and youll be crowned the Supermarket Race champion! Collectors will love the 2 surprise Mini Brands movers, and everyone will enjoy seeing and collecting the real shopping brands on the cards. Challenge your friends and family with the fast-paced fun of Supermarket Race! For 2 players ages 8 and up. 2 SURPRISE MINI BRANDS MOVERS: Get all the brands in your hand! Use the 2 surprise Mini Brands movers to race around the gameboard. Which two will you get? Please note contents may vary. Brands included in images may be different than the brands you receive. A SUPERMARKET FULL OF FAVORITE BRANDS: Race through the supermarket, trying to collect 3 sets of 3 matching Mini Brands cards. Plan your next move with Action Cards, but beware your opponent could do the same to you! EASY-TO-PLAY RULES: Simple to learn and play, but with just the right amount of strategy, its fun for kids and adults alike. Turn your next family game night into a Mini Brands championship! SPIN MASTER GAMES & PUZZLES: A world of board games & puzzles for kids & adults. Classic, card, preschool, family, trivia, party games & more. Puzzles include the latest characters for kids of all ages, jigsaw puzzles for families and adults, 3-D & more

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